All it takes is an hour of your time each week. We are all busy, but if we’re too busy to stop this quarry, we will find ourselves inhaling mining particulates, listening to blasts for years to come, and driving through industrial traffic on our way to and from work everyday. When property values plummet, we only have ourselves to blame if we failed to take a stand. If you can’t volunteer then donate. And if you can’t do either, at the very least sign the petition.

Action is imperative! To volunteer, just shoot us a quick email. We’ll find a perfect place for you to help out based on your skillset and time restraints. There are several things you can do to help: Serve on one of our committees, Provide staff support at one of our community or fundraising events, Help distribute flyers or other mailouts, Assist with virtual and other fundraising efforts – just to name a few.