Industrial Traffic

Mining trucks are heavy industrial machinery. They have an enormous impact and weight load on local roads. An ultra-class mining dump truck is typically around 49 feet long, 22 feet high and 29 feet wide. An ordinary two lane road is between 28- 30 feet wide from curb face to curb face. A 28 feet wide road is neighborhood street width.

The second largest mining haul truck can carry a 400 ton of payload and can travel over 42 miles per hour (pictured below).

Haul trucks can also be dangerous, accounting for more than 10% of all fatal accidents in mining and a significant number of non-fatal injuries.” Source: Porter, WL, Mining Product: Haul Trucks Can Kill!, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, October, 2016

Mining Haul Truck compared to ordinary School Bus (photo compliments of FederalAce from Redditt)
Source: Wikipedia